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Importance of Car Detailing During Summer

Importance of Car Detailing During The Warmer Months

Whether your car is your pride and joy or is just used to get you from A to B, maintaining it is paramount. Car Detailing in the warmer months is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Due to increased temperatures and your car being exposed to intense direct sunlight your car will require a little extra TLC.

Why is Car Detailing important in Summer?

Detailing your car during summer can benefit you in many ways. Bacteria to fester in warm weather and this can cause your car can become a breeding ground for bacteria and bad smells. Detailing services clean your car which can help restore your interior to its former glory, protect the exterior of your vehicle and therefore, can save you money in the long run.

Jim's Interior Car Detailing

Protect Upholstery

When going out and about in the summer time, chances are that you will park under the scorching sun. The intense rays of the sun directly on leather seats can affect the look as well as the strength of the material.
If your seats are exposed to constant heat, cracks may develop, which will also reduce the comfort of your seats. Detailing the interior in advance and throughout Summer will keep your seats in the best condition.

Protects the Exterior

Your car is subjected to all the outside world has to offer; sun rays, dust, bugs etc every day. During the warmer months your car will experience an increase in exposure to these elements, causing damage. Having your car detailed will not only remove all the collected elements but protect from said elements – minimising damage and improving the overall look.

Lowers Repairing Costs

If your car is kept clean and detailed regularly, you minimise your maintenance costs. Regular maintenance also largely reduces the chances of costly repairs – Woohoo.


Practicing good habits such as parking your car in the shade, out of the sun’s reach is important. When parking in the shade isn’t an option using a windshield sun shade is the next best thing to the preservation of your car’s interior.


Call Jim’s Car Detailing 131 546 to book a Car Detailing service that comes to you! Ensuring your vehicle is protected during Summer.

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