Clean Car vs Messy Kids

How to Keep Your Car Clean When You Have Kids

Child's feet on the dash board

If you’re a parent, you understand the frustration of looking at your back seat to what looks like a bomb of spills, food crumbs and toys went off. Here at Jim’s Car Detailing we have learned a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your car clean even through those long car rides with messy kids.

No Food Rule

A very simple solution to eliminate the crumb-filled back seat situation you currently have going on is a no food rule while inside the car. If possible, stopping food from being eaten while in the car will reduce if not eliminate spills and crumbs ruining your seats. (It is important to note that spills and crumbs can cause irreversible damage to the interior of your car, a professional car detailer can remove said stains if caught early). At times this will be challenging, however, by enforcing this rule as often as possible your back seats will thank you for it.

Cupcake Wrappers in Cup Holders

You know all those cupcake wrappers in your cupboard? They can be a really handy way to ensure your cup holders are easily cleaned. Not only will this help your cup holders stay clean, but it also makes throwing out all the small bits of rubbish you collect throughout your day simple! Place all small rubbish items in the wrappers and remove them, then replace them with new ones – Easy Peasy!

Rubbish Bag Behind The Seat

A simple yet effective way to eliminate the amount of rubbish left in the back seat of your car is by putting reusable rubbish bags at the back of one or both of the front seats. This tip will not only cut down your cleaning time, but it is also child friendly!

Where there are Children there is mess… Unfortunately, there is no magic spell but these tips and tricks will make a world of difference – no matter how many messy kids!

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