Man Cave Cleaning

The Man Cave

Without a doubt every man dreams about having a Man Cave. A place that is truly theirs’, where they can watch, eat, drink and do what they want without interruptions.

Whether it’s a Man Cave worthy of Batman himself or just a garage decked out in sport memorabilia it’s safe to say it will be a mess.

Due to Man Caves generally being males only who knows how long they go uncleaned for. Without the constant reminder to use coasters, put your rubbish in the bin or crack open a window every once and a while a clean up could be quite a daunting task.

See below Jim’s Cleaning step by step guide to cleaning your Man Cave.

Step 1: Assess The Situation

Picture what your Man Cave looked like in the beginning. Now have a look around and locate all the rubbish that needs to go in the bin, all the furniture that needs to be put back in its original place and remove all unnecessary items.

Step 2: Take Away All The Dirty Dishes

Dishes pile up at the best of times, let alone in a room nowhere near the kitchen. Removing all the dirty dishes will do wonders to your Man Cave’s appearance.
Tip: If you put your dishes away every night you will cut your Man Cave cleaning time down dramatically.

Step 3: Put Things Back In Their Place

During your mad cleaning frenzy there’s a good chance you tripped on that coffee table that was askew or knocked a few things over. Firstly, breathe… Then put everything back into its right place.
This includes removing any extra unneeded furniture that has made its way into the Man Cave.

Step 4: Vacuum

Okay we know vacuuming is the worst part, but we promise it’s the last step!
Tip: Put on your favourite album and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can get the job done!


When all else fails, or your Man Cave is just too much for you to handle call Jim’s Cleaning and let us restore your Man Cave to its former glory. 131 546 or Request A Free Quote Online 24/7 

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