Carpet Steam Cleaning Services vs Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services vs Carpet Shampooing

When it comes to high quality cleaning for your carpet, there are a couple of different services available including carpet steam cleaning services and carpet shampooing. Both services have pros and cons and understanding what each one offers can help you choose the right service for your home and carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a process that ensures deep cleaning for your carpets. The system includes a pump and a cleaning wand that emits hot water and a cleaning solution into your carpet. A hose then sucks up the solution from your carpet while effectively removing dirt and grime.


One of the advantages to choosing carpet steam cleaning services include that it is effective at cleaning carpets spanning from wall-to-wall. You can easily move the wand around and reach into corners and crevices.


Carpet steam cleaning services are complex and they take a lot of time and energy to do. Both cleaning solutions and rinsing agents must be used to ensure a thorough clean. If all of the detergent is not removed from the carpet, staining can occur. It is best to employ a professional cleaning service to ensure you are guaranteed results.


Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is different than carpet steam cleaning services in the way the process is done. When shampooing a carpet, a machine that spins brushes on the carpet is used. A cleaning solution is used in conjunction with the brush to clean and sanitise the carpet. When in progress, a foam is present on the surface of the carpet due to the solution and movement of the brushes.


Shampooing your carpet can get the carpet clean when it is soiled and heavily stained. In addition, shampooing is able to clean the fibres below the surface and remove dirt from them.


Sometimes, soap residue is left on the carpet, which requires more frequent cleanings as dirt may stick to the carpet. Additionally, there is time required for the carpet to dry after the service.


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