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Jim’s Own Cleaning Products

Jim’s Own Cleaning Products

The Jim’s Cleaning Group has been cleaning the homes of Australians for over 20 years, with our expert team cleaning over 1000 homes every single week. We wanted to assist with our customers with maintaining our work in between visits with professional grade products. With this in mind, our founder Haydar Hussein knew he needed to create a range of products that were not only effective but safe for families to have in their homes. After 8 years of product research, trailing new and existing products Haydar created the Jim’s Cleaning Product range.

The range of products which are now available to purchase to the public are made from a natural plant based biodegradable formula. This means they are safe for regular use in your homes, around children and pets and won’t damage the environment once disposed. Free from caustic ingredients and soaps making it ideal for households with asthma and allergy sufferers.

As the industry leaders in all things cleaning, the Jim’s Cleaning range has been tried and tested to be suitable on all surfaces, rapidly penetrating and most importantly safe to use unlike tradition cleaning chemicals.

Regular use of cleaning sprays has an impact on lung health comparable with smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, according to a new study.

The range includes an All-Purpose Spray, Bathroom/Toilet Cleaner, Hard Floor Cleaner, Carpet & Fabric Cleaner, Pet Stain & Odour Cleaner and an Oven, Cook top & BBQ cleaner. Each formula uses natural plant-based enzymes to effectively break down bacteria, calcium deposits, odours, grease, oil and food waste.

Keeping the environment front of mind, the 750ml bottles are recyclable and there is an option to purchase a 4L bulk concentrate pack. The bulk pack allows you to refill your 750ml bottles up to 10 times, cutting down significantly on waste.

Use what the professionals use – Try Jim’s Cleaning Range today.

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