How to choose the right cleaning service for me?

How to choose the right cleaning service for me?

Every house and every person living in it is different, therefore, the clean required for the property will be different. With so many options on the Jim’s Cleaning Group website you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. That’s why we have put together a yes or no questionnaire that will help you decide what clean to book in with your local cleaning expert. 

Do you live in an apartment? Yes/No

If yes: get an apartment clean! Booking in an apartment clean will let your cleaner know to prepare for an apartment, all you have to do is mention it during your pre-quote phone call. Apartments have different needs and challenges compared to a house and booking an apartment clean will make sure that your cleaner will arrive prepared with the appropriate equipment and products to ensure they leave your apartment sparkling clean.

If no:

Are you moving to a new house? Yes/No

If yes: book in a vacate clean. It is essential to let your cleaner know that you require a vacate clean in advance as these cleans often require extra time and resources compared to a weekly or fortnightly clean. Here at Jim’s Cleaning we will clean to your real estates requirements to help get your bond back each and every time and if there are no specified requirements, we will clean to the industry standard.

If no:

Does your oven need a clean? Yes/No

If yes: book in an oven clean. An oven clean can be worked into any of our cleaning services as an additional add on. Alternatively, you can book an oven clean as a standalone service. An oven clean can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the condition of your oven and this is why it is an add on or a service on its own.

If no:

Do you need a deep clean? Yes/No

If yes: book in a Spring Clean. Has life gotten the best of you lately? Have you only had time once a week to do a quick clean of your house? Or do you live in a muddy, dusty or wet area leaving your house constantly dirty? Our spring cleans involve a deep clean of your house. Tailored completely to your house’s needs, our cleaning experts will leave your house cleaner than it has ever been before without you having to lift a finger.

If no:

Do you have no time during the week or would rather spend your time doing things you enjoy? Yes/No

If yes: book in one of our once off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleans and let us clean your house while you can spend your time doing the more important stuff. Our trained cleaners will make sure your house is kept clean based off your requirements

Cleaning shouldn’t consume all the time you have while at home, we give over 4000 families their weekends back every single month with our cleaning services. 

If you are still unsure of what you need, request a free quote from one of our local experts and they will arrange a time to come visit your home and talk through what is the best option for you. That’s why we have been listed at the top spot of Home Muse’s list of top cleaners Melbourne.

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