Spring Cleaning Tips

Keeping up with housework is tough. The weekly maintenance alone is challenging, not to mention the annual cleaning tasks that seem to roll around quicker and quicker each year. With Spring almost here, it’s time to push through and deep clean every corner.

The key to Spring cleaning is prep. I know that sounds funny, why would cleaning need prep? The truth is, good organisation helps to get the job done faster. So set aside some time to ensure your belongings all have a place so you’re not side-tracked clearing out cupboards in the middle of wall washing.

Distribute your time effectively

Most of us will want to knock this type of cleaning over in a weekend or other short periods of time. Make a list of what needs to be done and estimate the time it might take to accomplish each task.  Keep your attention to the task at hand, and work in a systematic order that best suits your home.

Be realistic about your goals

Depending on the size of your home, accomplishing a full spring clean in a weekend may not be possible. Set realistic goals to ensure you get as much done as possible, without burning yourself out. Work systematically (top to bottom) to make the most of your time, and set times for breaks.

Don’t forget about outside

Windows, doors, decks, and patios all need maintenance also! Dust often settles on these surfaces, tarnishing their appearance. Remember to wipe down light fixtures, outdoor tables and chairs, and clean concrete or tiles.

Spring cleaning can be tiresome, but the benefits are enjoyed by the whole household. The beauty of Spring cleaning is it’s an annual task that will keep your home fresh for months to come. Little touch ups will be required from time to time, however putting in the bulk of work at once will save you time in the future. If you’re finding it hard to get on top of these tasks, Jim’s Cleaning professionals are here to help!

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