What’s your cleaning personality?

1. The Procrastinator

It’s estimated that 15-20% of the population identify procrastination as something that chronically effects them. They have difficulty allocating the time required to tidy and clean their home. This presents itself through a few key areas:

  • Washing piled up on furniture
  • Clutter over benches and tables
  • Comments like ‘I’ve been meaning to clean this’
  • Often embarrassed by the mess and try to justify it

2. The Perfectionist

This is the opposite end of the spectrum now. A perfectionists home is always immaculate, and they will not rest unless their home is in show room condition. You’ll recognise the following in a perfectionists home:

  • Zero clutter – everything has a place
  • No washing or dishes out in the open
  • Homes professionally cleaned regularly
  • No dust on benches, or furniture

3. The Consumer

These people place a lot of importance on their things. They often buy a lot, and have trouble letting go of items. If you’re the consumer, you’ll recognise a few of the following:

  • Wardrobes full to the brink
  • Piles of shoes by the front door
  • Empty boxes from their latest purchases
  • Cupboards and entertainment units fully stocked

4. The Minimalist

These people are typically a professional cleaners favourite client. Cleaning their homes is quick and painless. If you’re a minimalist, your home will likely

  • Zero clutter which makes for minimal dust
  • ‘Clean as you go’ mentality so things don’t build up
  • Often have tiled or hardwood flooring
  • Not too much furniture or objects to clean around

5. The Apathetic

The Apathetic cleaner aren’t bothered by mess at all. They are generally less stressed and are carefree. If you’re an apathetic cleaner you’ll relate to a few of the below:

  • Not embarrassed by a messy home
  • Lots of stains as they don’t usually clean them quickly
  • Clutter accumulates and disperses in waves
  • Beds typically unmade

So which category do you find yourself most aligning with? You might feel like you’re a bit of all 5, after all we are complex creatures and very few of us fit into one box. One thing remains consistent through the 5 groups though, they all benefit from hiring a professional cleaner! To obtain your free no obligation quote, click here!

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