New Year, Same Office — How To Deep Clean Your Workplace

Ready to get back into the office after Christmas and the New Year? Fantastic! Your team will be returning well-rested and ready to go. 

But what sort of state was the office left in at the end of last year? The New Year is always a great time to get in and deal with the grease and grime that sometimes gets overlooked during the rush to wrap up for the holidays. That’s why we’ve put together some great office cleaning tips and tricks to help get your workplace looking its best. 

The office cleaning duties list 

When you start the cleaning process, it’s crucial to have a plan — and part of that is having a professional office cleaning checklist. Although the standard operating procedure for office cleaning will vary slightly from office to office, this is a good jumping-off point that you can customise for your own requirements. 

  • General 
    Spots like door handles and light switches are some of the most commonly overlooked spots where germs and disease can lurk. As they’re such everyday items, people often forget to take the time to clean them properly. Accordingly, they should be cleaned with a disinfectant in order to ensure that germs can’t easily spread. 
  • Bathroom 
    Grime, soap scum and other gross build-ups can all establish themselves in the office bathroom. Make sure that you’re carefully cleaning tiles, taps, sinks, toilets and showerheads to remove any traces. 
  • Kitchen
    Check behind the fridge, clean out the microwave interior and wipe down any benches. Check inside cupboards as well, to ensure that no unwanted pests have been able to make a home for themselves in there. Now’s also the time to clean or replace any dirty or worn-out appliances. 
  • Bins 
    Not only is it important to regularly dispose of waste, but it’s crucial to clean the bins themselves. Disinfecting them periodically helps reduce any bad smells while preventing them from becoming a health hazard in their own right. 
  • Equipment 
    Everyday office equipment such as computers, mice and cupboards can all harbour grime, dirt and disease, so it’s critical to clean them regularly. Canned air can be useful for removing dust and debris from tight spaces (such as between keys on your keyboard), while disinfectant sprays can be useful tools for ensuring that your devices remain safe to use. 
  • Desks 
    Desks are one of the prime magnets for dust and grime in any office. Although you and your staff should be spot-cleaning desks every few days at a minimum to ensure good hygiene, a deep clean presents the opportunity to really get in there and ensure that any missed spots get a proper wipe down. Additionally, you can disinfect them to ensure that the chance of spreading germs is reduced even further. 
  • Carpet and Rugs 
    Not all offices have carpet — but if you do, it’s crucial to ensure that they’re vacuumed regularly. Rugs should also be shaken out to remove any debris. A deep clean is a great opportunity to also steam clean any carpet or rugs, helping disinfect them and restore their overall appearance. 
  • Windows 
    Interior windows and glass frontage should be inspected for any traces of streaking or grime and then cleaned and polished accordingly. 

Create a roster 

Once you’ve established a professional office cleaning checklist, it’s important to have a roster in place, so that employees know when to expect to participate in cleaning projects. It’s a good idea to rotate cleaning projects between different departments, too — this helps avoid any issues with favouritism or perception that one department is being treated more “lightly” than another. If everyone does their part, it will be much easier to get all of the cleaning done effectively and in a timely manner. 

Invest in the right supplies 

If you want staff to be able to clean up effectively, you’ll need to provide them with the appropriate equipment. General purpose cleaning solvents and disinfectants are key to be able to clean surfaces properly — make sure that you purchase industrial-strength options. Although household-grade cleaning products are fine for the home, this is because houses usually have far less foot traffic and exposure to such a variety of germs as workplaces. 

Hire a professional 

With all of this said, the main downside of this approach to cleaning is that it can potentially interfere with the day-to-day work your business needs to carry out. Employees may object to carrying out some of these tasks, and there’s very little quality control over the work that they do. 

Accordingly, you may be best off opting for a team of professionals to carry out these tasks for you, ensuring that they’re done to the highest possible standard. To find out more about how you can get your office deep cleaned for the start of the year, why not get in touch with the team at Jim’s Cleaning today? 

The team can provide you with a free quote for your office deep clean and give you the info you need to make the best decision for your business. Best of all? If you’re not 100% satisfied with the cleaning job we do, we’ll come back and do it again, free of charge. So reach out today.  


What is the most effective way to clean your office?

Whether you’re spot cleaning or undertaking a deep clean, it’s a good idea to have a system in place — for example, cleaning from room to room, top to bottom and left to right. This allows you to tackle projects in a logical order, so you stay focused. For example, dusting prior to vacuuming allows you to clean up any mess left behind with the vacuum rather than having to do multiple passes through a section of the office. 

Of course — if you feel that this all sounds like quite a bit of work, you can always call in the professionals from Jim’s Cleaning, and we can take care of it for you. 

What is a commercial deep clean?

Vacuuming, mopping, emptying the dishwasher, and other general tidying are the sort of things that should be taking place at least once a week (and possibly more often) within your office. This helps maintain the general appearance and cleanliness of the office space, helping ensure that you and your staff are working in a healthy environment. 

A deep clean, by contrast, is intended to address areas in the office that can go overlooked when you’re undertaking general cleaning. Spaces behind desks, underneath the office fridge or even the tops of storage closets, just to name a few examples. These spots don’t need to be cleaned as regularly as high-use areas, but do need to be cleared off periodically to ensure they don’t fester. Disinfection is often included too, particularly if you’re deep cleaning the office for Covid. 

What is included in a deep clean of an office?

It will vary from office to office — different requirements will vary depending on your individual setup and circumstances. However, at Jim’s Cleaning, we specialise in removing dust and dirt from your office, carpet cleaning, as well as providing disinfection services as necessary. 

How often should you deep clean an office?

It varies according to a few different factors, such as the size of the office, the number of staff present, your floor surfacing and how your setting is arranged. However, a deep clean every few months is advisable.

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