Cleaning Checklist for a clean home Keeping your home clean is an ongoing battle. For those of us who live busy lives, cleaning our homes all in one go can seem daunting. That’s why we have sat down with our cleaning experts to create an easy to follow checklist to keep your home clean!  With […]

Chat With Your Local Expert: Jim’s Cleaning View Facebook Have you ever wondered what our cleaning experts wish you knew? What services they love providing you and what products they recommend? We sat down with Taylor & Jane who are the local cleaning experts for Goulburn North to pick their brains on the questions you […]

MELBOURNE COVID-19 UPDATE Daniel Andrew’s has announced that the Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne would be extended and has released a his Road Map of easing restrictions over the next few months. A summary of the update and how it affects The Jim’s Cleaning Group is as follows: From September 14th to October 28th, The […]

Australia’s Best Franchise 2020 Each year, more than 1,000 Australian franchisees are surveyed on their satisfaction across 6 categories: Brand, Marketing, Lifestyle, Support, Passion and Expansion by specialist researchers, 10 THOUSAND FEET, to identify best practice across the industry. The Topfranchise Awards are unique in that award winners are selected based purely on the satisfaction […]

How To Get Streak Free Windows Are you wanting streak-free windows? We are going to provide you with tips from our Window Cleaning professionals. Professional tips: Avoid using glass cleaners that are based in ammonia or alcohol. We think these products will help clean an area more effectively, however, they can leave streaks and leave […]

Clean Your Bathroom In 5 Minutes No one enjoys cleaning their bathroom, we can all be honest here… But they do need to be done. Due to them being such high traffic areas, bathrooms can become messy and dirty in the space of a few hours. Here at Jim’s Cleaning, we know your time is […]

How To Clean Your High-Touch Points With hygiene and health being the main theme of 2020, people are looking for ways to keep their homes healthy and safe. We are seeing an increased interest in disinfectant products for that extra layer of protection against germs. While it is a good idea to kill germs around […]

How do we get streak free windows? If you have seen any Jim’s Window cleaner out and about cleaning exterior windows you might be wondering why you don’t see any of them up on a ladder with a squeegee. That’s because we enjoy staying out of harms way. All of our window cleaners are equipped […]

Why We Chose Enzyme Cleaners Being a large team of professional cleaners, we were exposing ourselves and our clients property to a wide variety of chemicals. After long periods of time, common household cleaning chemicals can be damaging to your health due to their harsh ingredients. This got us thinking, how can we protect ourselves […]

When To Clean, Sanitise And Disinfect We’ve all heard of the terms sanitising and disinfecting; I mean that’s what you do when you clean isn’t it? Many people outside of the cleaning, health and food industries use these terms interchangeably. You see, disinfecting, sanitising and cleaning all mean and do different things around your home […]

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