Facebook is a brilliant place for likeminded people to come together, create a group and exchange ideas. There are dozens of groups created for people in Australia to help each other cook, clean, organise and do just about any other task they may wish. It’s great to draw inspiration off others stories and successes, but […]

Let me preface everything that is to follow by saying that we love our clients and without them we would not have the thriving businesses that we have today. But, we love some clients just a bit more than other clients. Wet = Clean Actually most of these owners are not yet our clients [hopefully […]

Pressure washing can be an incredibly satisfying task, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. If you’re interested in learning how to use a pressure washer, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to help prevent damage to your property and ensure the job is done well so you can […]

If you think that pressure washing or power washing is just an optional project, you might be surprised to learn how beneficial annual pressure cleaning can be. From augmenting a building’s appearance to creating a healthier outdoor space, here are six pressure washing benefits that will help you justify scheduling this project into your annual […]

When it comes to cleaning outdoor areas, there are few tools as good for the job as a pressure washer. Its speed and power efficiency produce amazing results in less time than it would take to perform a manual clean-up, making it one of the most popular ways to achieve that sparkling clean look for […]

Clean window blinds and shades will freshen the look of any room décor, but more importantly, regular cleaning keeps your spaces free of allergens and bacteria that may negatively impact your family’s daily health. 1. Blinds accumulate allergens and dust mites Many people overlook blinds when it comes to cleaning, yet blind fabrics can often […]

I understand all about ‘loving’ your car, truck or bike and wanting to do lots of ‘loving’ things that keep your special loved one looking fabulous. So, I also understand your basic and primal desire to personally get out there on the weekend to do these ‘loving’ things. I mean, what better demonstration of love […]

Carpets are a great addition to just about any home or workspace. Helping provide insulation, reducing cost on heating bills and livening up the aesthetic of a room, carpets are a great addition to just about any home or workspace. But installing carpet isn’t just a set-and-forget process; actively keeping your carpet clean is a […]

Mould is a far more common issue for carpet than many people realise. Though it’s frequently less visible than dust, dirt or staining, it can still be present beneath the surface. Lurking at the base of the fibres, it waits for the right conditions to spread to the top and across your floor, all the […]

Carpets are a central feature within your home, expressing your personal style and ensuring that you’re in comfortable surroundings. Looking after your carpet isn’t just a chore to be done; it’s also about looking after your home as a whole and the wellbeing of the people within.  So though you’re probably vacuuming your carpets regularly, […]

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