The Jim’s Group COVID 19 Update

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Coronavirus Update

Melbourne COVID-19 Update

Daniel Andrews has made the announcement that as of the 6th of August 2020 metropolitan Melbourne will be going into stage 4 lockdown and that all non-essential services are to temporarily close. This, unfortunately, applies to us here at the Jim’s Cleaning Group and we will be following the directions set out by the government to temporarily close for the next 6 weeks minimum.  

We have been advised that any of our services that are required for the health or welfare of a person will be allowed to continue. At this stage, our call centre is still operating for emergency jobs such as ‘COVID Deep Clean’, ‘flood damage’ or similar services.

For all of our regular clients, your services will no longer be going ahead if you had a booking between the 6th of August and the 17th of September. We will be making an effort to reschedule you all in once we have a better understanding of when this lockdown will be lifted and when our services can resume. Please keep an eye out for communication from your local expert as they will be contacting you to reschedule your appointments.

If you have any questions or queries about whether you qualify to receive our services during this lockdown please email us at or call our call centre on 131 546

We look forward to seeing your all again in 6 weeks assuming this lockdown does not get extended. Please keep safe and healthy –  Jim’s Cleaning Group


Australia COVID-19 Update

We can assure you that all our franchisees are following strict health and safety procedures, wearing appropriate PPE, and following all government recommendations and advice. 

Steps we are taking to reduce the spread:

  • No active franchisee has traveled overseas in the last 14  days
  • Any franchisee displaying flu/cold-like symptoms are isolating/getting tested
  • Social distancing is being practised in and out of work hours
  • Appropriate PPE is worn during each service
  • High-risk equipment is being disinfected/replaced between services
  • High standards of hygiene are being practised both in and outside of work hours

To book one of our disinfectant cleans, click on the attached links: House Disinfectant Clean or Bio/Car Disinfectant Clean

Jim’s Group COVID-19 Update

In these unprecedented times, I would like to reassure you that Jim’s Group is doing, and will continue to do, everything possible to protect our and clients and franchisees. 

Our aim is to ensure that Jim’s franchisees can continue in good health to visit your homes and workplaces, which is their livelihood, and to continue to service clients who may be needing our services more than ever.

All of our conferences have been cancelled or postponed until the crisis has passed. Franchisees will attend local meetings and training online, supported by trainers and their franchisors. 

Our policy, supported by the WHO and Australian Government recommendations, requires any franchisees who is in any way unwell or has been exposed to a person experiencing symptoms to stay home until fully recovered, at a minimum for 14 days.

In this case, all franchise fees will be suspended to reduce financial pressure. Our franchisees have already made the commitment to look after each other’s clients, should they not be able to attend themselves.

Franchisees working indoors may inquire as to your health to ensure that it is safe to come into your home. They will take extreme care inside clients’ houses, washing hands frequently, declining to shake hands and ensuring they don’t come into contact with surfaces unnecessarily.

Outside, franchisees will still avoid personal contact and stand at least a metre and a half away from a client. Franchisees will also avoid personal contact in non-work situations, and employ regular good personal hygiene. 

Our customer service centre staff are being set up to work from home if required, to continue to take your phone calls and process online bookings, ensuring no reduction in the high level of service we adhere to. 

Jim’s Group policies will be continually monitored and updated as the situation requires, and will be regularly reinforced by newsletters, meetings, and by the regular phone contact from Franchisors who are a key support for our system.

We encourage you to continue to call on and support your local Jim to ensure that you and your family are comfortable during the coming weeks. 

Jim Penman
CEO Jim’s Group & Founder
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