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Jim’s Bio/Disinfect Car Detail

Protect the health of your workers or your family with Jim’s Car Detailing speciality service – Bio-Clean/Disinfect. Using a highly effective biocidal cleaner to destroy, deter and render harmless any disease-causing organisms in your car, Jim’s Car Detailing professionals will leave your car looking and feeling spotless.

Along with our biocidal clean process, we will also provide an interior car clean. Sit back and enjoy driving around in a vehicle that really is as clean as it can get! Leave it to Jim’s Car Detailing to make your car a safe place for both you and your family to enjoy time together making new adventures or just getting on with life. To schedule your car’s Bio clean/Disinfect, contact us now.

Jim’s Bio clean/Disinfect Car Detail provides the following services;

  • Vacuum seats/carpets/boot
  • Pre-spray all surfaces with biocidal cleaner (including hood lining, door trims, dash, steering wheel and console)
  • Air on sanitiser applied to vents and/or a/c filter (vehicle to run for 15 minutes with a/c on recycle mode)
  • Shampoo seat & Carpets
  • Wipe down and dress all interior trims
  • Windows cleaning inside
  • Interior deodorised

Using their own leading-edge processes and equipment, all of our car detailing specialists are fully trained.

The Jim’s Car Detailing team are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.

*Prices may vary depending on your vehicle’s condition and size. All our prices are GST inclusive.


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100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

As genuine professionals and proud members of the famous Jim’s Group of companies, we stand by the quality of our car cleaning services by delivering an unconditional guarantee to each and every client, for each and every clean and detailing job we do.

You won’t find any other mobile service who will stand by their workmanship in such a way! Choose Jim’s Car Cleaning with confidence. We take the time to do the job exceptionally well, and fuss over all the finest details, to show you best-practice mobile car detailing for those who love their cars as much as we do.

Our car cleaning services are the best around – we guarantee it!

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