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Jim’s Professional Interior Deluxe Disinfect Clean


Full Interior Detail

Jim’s Car Interior Deluxe Disinfect Clean provides the following services;

  • Pre spray all surfaces with biocidal cleaner and disinfect
  • Chamois Dry
  • Vacuum Seats, Carpets & Boot
  • Ashtrays Cleaned
  • Dash Cleaned & Dressed
  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Interior Deodorised
  • All Interior Trims Cleaned & Dressed
  • Shampoo of the Seats & Carpets (also referred to as steam cleaning)

Using their own leading-edge processes and equipment, all of our car detailing specialists are fully trained.

The Jim’s Car Detailing team are fully insured, police checked and trained to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.

*Prices may vary depending on your vehicle’s condition. All our prices are GST inclusive.

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Using leading edge processes and equipment, our team has performed jaw-dropping transformations on thousands of vehicles. Beginning with everything offered in the  Mini Detail Service such as cleaning the interior trim, door jambs, and boot jambs, the Interior Deluxe Disinfect Clean also includes a pre-spray of all surfaces with biocidal cleaner and deep shampooing of your carpets and seats. When we’ve finished, we’ll even add an aromatic deodoriser to your car’s interior.

There’s something relaxing about riding around in a vehicle that smells as clean as it looks. Leave it to Jim’s Car Detailing to make traffic jams and long holiday drives your new favourite pastime. To schedule your car’s transformation, contact us now.

Ensure your vehicle looks its best with deluxe interior car detailing from Jim’s Car Detailing. With branches across Australia, our mobile car cleaning specialists provide a range of handy services that help you manage and maintain everything from sedans and SUVs to boats and caravans

Our deluxe detailing options provide a simple way to prevent daily clutter from building up during your commute, refresh upholstery and carpeting by shampooing out spilled coffee and give your ride a fresh scent so you never offend workmates or clients. To find out more about our mobile car detailing and interior deluxe car detail services, call Jim’s Car Detailing at 131 546 or book a quote online.

Car Washing vs. Car Detailing

The difference between car washing and car detailing is literally in the details. While a good car wash can knock off road grime, an exterior car detailing takes the cleansing even further with extra steps such as wheel cleaning and tyre polishing. The same goes for deluxe interior car detailing. While basic options get rid of trash and remove dust, deluxe options also provide carpet and upholstery shampooing and leather seat polishing. Additionally, our professionals use special brushes to remove buildup from dashboards and instrument panels so you can enjoy a more pleasant everyday drive.

Interior car detailing at Jim’s Car Detailing includes everything necessary to get your vehicle in tip-top condition. Our professionals vacuum then shampoo upholstery and carpeting, clean and condition leather seats and thoroughly wash both rubber and carpet floor mats. Likewise, we polish your windows to a streak-free shine and wipe down your dashboard, console and door panels. 

Next on the agenda is dusting out louvres and vents, shining up door handles and cleaning plastic panels. This deluxe interior car detailing treatment helps bring your vehicle back to as close to factory condition as possible so you can enjoy a pristine ride. For added convenience, we also offer deluxe interior car detail services for buses, caravans and watercraft.

Full interior car detailing entails deep cleaning every portion of your vehicle’s inside components. Not only do we wash and vacuum, but we also use professional methods that remove stains and ingrained grime, whether on seats, carpeting or leather upholstery. We use special brushes and cleansers to polish up your dashboard, instrument panel and console — including knobs, gauges and cup holders — and we even clean headliners and sunroofs. With our specialised interior detailing tools and formulations, Jim’s Car Detailing makes your car look and feel cleaner and newer without slippery seats or a greasy dashboard.

Jim’s Car Detailing boasts numerous franchises across Australia, and to find one near you, simply call 131 546 or book an online quote on our website. Our interior car detailing professionals have locally owned and operated businesses, so they understand the special challenges of your locale, and each one undergoes a thorough police check to help ensure customer safety. 

Additionally, our mobile car detailing professionals all have insurance for improved peace of mind while they make your ride look and feel all spiffy clean. A 100% satisfaction guarantee helps you feel even better about using Jim’s Car Detailing for the exterior car washing and interior car detailing tasks you don’t have time to do yourself.

For peace of mind alone, detailing your car interior is an important part of vehicle care in any season. An abundance of clutter can cause distractions while you’re on the road, while dirty windshields and windows can impede visual clarity in inclement weather or low-light situations. Additionally, dusty dashboards, door panels and consoles can trigger seasonal allergies, and odd smells emanating from seats, floor mats and carpeting can make long drives unpleasant. 

Fortunately, our cleaning specialists have you covered with interior car detailing options that help you better enjoy your commute and ensure others riding in your vehicle have a great experience.

The professionals at Jim’s Car Detailing not only provide interior car detailing service but also offer a variety of exterior cleaning services for your vehicle. Premium car wash options deliver hand-washed and dried quality, while other packages include everything from ceramic coating for paint protection and application of sealer waxes to full-service engine bay cleaning and rejuvenating cut and polish treatments. 

Our mobile car wash specialists also offer these same services to business trucks and fleet vehicles as well as bus, caravan and boat detailing. Prices for our services typically depend on the amount of detailing you require along with the size of the vehicle.

The amount of time between interior car detailing services depends on several factors. For example, you may need more frequent mobile car detailing if you commute long distances or drive a lot for your job. When you drive for long periods at a time, clutter from receipts and bags carrying purchases can pile up and cause stress and distractions. Also, when you wait long periods between cleanings, dust can build up in the vents and across your dashboard, potentially aggravating allergies. 

With those things in mind, if you drive a lot, it makes sense to have interior car detailing performed while getting your weekly wash job. If you drive less, once a month might be enough to keep clutter and dust at bay.

Taking care of your vehicle inside and out shows your pride in car ownership, protects your belongings and preserves your car’s value so you can sell or trade it in for more when you need a new one. Part of the process is regular exterior and interior car detailing. Contact Jim’s Car Detailing to find out more by calling 131 546 or booking an appointment online.