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Commercial Or Residential Cleaning?

How is Commercial Cleaning Different to Home Cleaning?

Jim's Commercial & Residential Cleaning

Cleaning is an essential household chore. You can make use of a number of home cleaning techniques to accomplish this all important task. Commercial cleaning on the other hand is a different kettle of fish altogether. It’s reserved mainly for businesses and offices and makes use of advanced cleaning equipment. However, homes can benefit from this service if they choose to. The following are some of the major differences between Jim’s Commercial Residential Cleaning services.

Effective Cleaning

One of the biggest differences between commercial and home cleaning is the effectiveness of the cleaning. Commercial cleaning services can provide you far better and more efficient results when it comes to removing dirt and grime than home cleaning methods. Commercial cleaners are very thorough in their cleaning services and would ensure your home is in pristine condition as they would tackle all the hard-to-get-to spots in your home for you.

Advanced Cleaning Equipment

Commercial cleaning services make use of the most advanced cleaning equipment for completing the cleaning tasks. They have high-powered machines that can easily remove dirt, grime and mould from your home and office more efficiently than domestic equipment. Moreover, commercial cleaners use industry level chemicals and detergents for cleaning purposes which are able to remove even the most difficult of stains in no time.


Cost is by far the most major difference between commercial and home cleaning. While home cleaning doesn’t cost you much and can be accomplished by making use of household items, it can’t provide you the high level of finish that commercial cleaners can. Commercial cleaning services may cost you a great deal of money, but they can help you in saving for the long-term by prolonging the life of your home or office items.

So, if you want to ensure proper cleaning of your home and office, then make use of commercial cleaning services.

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