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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Make Spring Cleaning Easier This Year!

There are many positives to winter ending, birds singing, warmer weather and getting home from work with the sun still out! However, the end of winter means time for the dreaded Spring Clean. Not only does this give us a chance to get around to do the de-cluttering and the thorough clean we have been meaning to get around to all year, Spring Cleaning can also help prevent allergies. Now we know you all dread it, but it must be done.

The hardest part of the Spring Clean isn’t even the cleaning, it’s the mental preparation. What needs to be cleaned? Where do I start? How long will this take? What do I use?

Thankfully here at Jim’s Cleaning we are here to help you smash through your spring cleaning, whether that be by you booking one of our trusty cleanings to come take the stress away from you or by proving you with this handy checklist to help you get the job done for yourself.

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1. Create a playlist

We all know you can’t get anything done without music so chuck on your favourite playlist/album or create a brand new one to help make this as fun as possible!

2. Make a list of what needs to be cleaned in each room

This allows you to compartmentalise and separates large tasks into a few smaller ones to make it seem more achievable.

3. Clean one room at a time

Don’t get into a habit of only half finishing a task, this will make it seem like nothing is getting done. Finish one room before moving onto the next.

4. Round up some help

Everything is more fun with company! Whether it be a friend, partner or family member this tactic will not only make cleaning more fun, but it will help you get the job done faster!

5. Use natural products

Doing a spring clean can take hours and using natural cleaning products with help you avoid breathing in harmful chemicals that could be detrimental to your health.

6. Reward yourself

Cleaning can be one of life’s most dreaded tasks. Reward yourself after a job well done and know when enough is enough. Especially with a spring clean, you may be cleaning for 1-3 days so know when its time to have a break or to call it a day.

Most importantly HAVE FUN; work to your strengths, if you are great at vacuuming and your partner is a fantastic organiser go with it, you’ll find cleaning more enjoyable and things will get done correctly.

We have created this checklist for your free download to help take the stress away from the dreaded Spring Clean.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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