How To Become Organised

How To Become Organised

It seems some people are just born organised doesn’t it? They are never late, always have what they need (and more!), their house is always clean, their car is always clean, even their dog is always clean…

Although it seems these people do this effortlessly, it all comes with practice.

So, even if you think (or know) you’re an unorganised person there is still hope for you – you can learn to be organised!

Here are the essential habits on how to become organised:

1. Write Things down

Even those of us with the most impressive memories forget things from time to time. However, the secret to a great memory is writing things down! Writing things down in your diary or the calendar in your phone will save you from those horrible rush arounds to get to a lunch or meeting you just remembered about.

2. Make Schedules

A massive trait organised people have in common is making schedules. Schedules and organisation are like bees and honey – you can’t have one without the other.

Spending half an hour on a Sunday to plan out your week’s meals, yours and the kids lunches, house cleaning tasks  and any activities/appointments you need to go to will help reduce your stress levels, as well as making sure you get through everything you need to during the week, on time every time!

You’ll be surprised how much extra time you find yourself with when sticking to a schedule.

4. Give Everything A Home

Organised people never seem to forget or misplace anything. This is because items in their life have a home, and if they are not using said item that is where they know it will be.

Experiment: go through your kitchen/bathroom/laundry or any room of your choice and give everything a home. You will be surprised with how many items you find that do not belong in that room at all. A tip is to use storage containers and labels to make sure everyone knows where things live.

5. Declutter Regularly

Find time each week to organise. Things do not stay organised on their own, especially if you have children…

With your new schedule, pencil in a time slot for some organising. You’ll find no matter how many times you declutter there will always be more to do, so it is important to stay on top of it.

6. Keep Only What You Need

We’ve all heard “less is more”. The less things, the less clutter, the less time spent decluttering, the more you time!

Experiment: as you are decluttering each room ask yourself “does this bring me joy?” “do I absolutely need it?” if the answer is no, throw it out!


They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. That means in as little as 21 days you can become an organised person!

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