Mistakes Made When Washing Your Car

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Mistakes Made When Washing Your Car

Washing your car is a big task no matter what size it is. Often setting aside an hour or two on a weekend to get the job done! So, if you’re already taking the time out to get the job done on one of your only days off, you want to make sure you’re doing it right!

That’s why we’ve asked the experts here at Jim’s Car Detailing what some common mistakes people make when cleaning their cars at home.

1. Washing It In The Hot Sun

It sounds like a good idea, I mean then it will dry quicker right? Well, a sunny day could dry your car too quickly… This results in water spots, which in turn can make your car look like it hasn’t just been cleaned.

Tip: If the day you have chosen is set to be sunny, wash your car in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t as strong.

2. Only Using One Bucket Of Water

One isn’t enough, you need three: One for soapy water, one for rinsing and one for your wheels. By rinsing your car with the same soapy water you washed it with, you risk scratching the paint with all the collected dirt. Rinsing also ensures you remove all the soap residue from the exterior of your car. The third bucket for your wheels is again to ensure you do not cause any scratches due to dirty water.

3. Not Cleaning From Top To Bottom

Never, under any circumstances wash your car bottom to top – this will leave streaks and an uneven clean. The best way to prevent streaks is to clean your car from top to bottom, so dirty water doesn’t run on to the clean drying spots you have just washed. Cleaning in one direction also helps prevent scratches.

4. Forgetting The Tires

Tires are probably the dirtiest part of your car, which is why they are never to be forgotten. Forgetting to clean your tires can make a very clean car look not so clean.

5. Ignoring Your Antenna

Most new vehicles have antennas that retract into the car when you turn the engine off, which can drag dirt into your interior. One simple way to prevent dirt: rub the antenna with wax paper to give it a protective coat that will repel dirt.

6. Neglecting Cup Holders

Cup holders are great for holding two things: drinks and crumbs/dirt. To clean them out, throw removable plastic holders into the dishwasher or if yours aren’t removable, warm, soapy water and a little elbow grease works just as well.

7. Rolling The Windows Down Before They’re Dry

Rolling down your windows prematurely can cause water streaks on your just-washed exterior.

To ensure your car looks as clean as possible it is recommended to leave your windows up for a couple of hours.


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