Cleaning Checklist for a clean home

Cleaning Checklist for a clean home

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing battle. For those of us who live busy lives, cleaning our homes all in one go can seem daunting. That’s why we have sat down with our cleaning experts to create an easy to follow checklist to keep your home clean! 

With tips and tricks included by our experts, you will go from a cleaning novice to a cleaning pro in no time. Here is the biggest tip: clean it there and then. Yup, short and simple. When you see a small mess, spill or clutter, just clean it straight away. 

Every day 

  • Make your bed
  • Laundry (if needed)
  • Wipe down bathroom surfaces
  • Wipe down kitchen surfaces and sinks
  • Clean dishes
  • Wipe down any used kitchen appliance (stove, oven, microwave, etc..)

Every week 

  • Mop and Vacuum 
  • Spray and wipe bathroom surfaces
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Dust furniture
  • Change and wash bedding
  • Dust/wipe down kitchen appliances
  • Wipe down Microwave
  • Sanitise/wash/replace kitchen sponges

We’ve kept this checklist as simple as possible. There will be more tasks on your list that may need to be completed every 3-6 months but the point of this checklist is to break down the big things into small things. Our local cleaning expert in Penrith explains he brings a room by room checklist to each of his jobs so no matter what the state of the house he knows by breaking down the overall task into smaller tasks it becomes much more manageable. 

Tips for Cleaning Every Day

By doing these tasks daily, you will save yourself the trouble of having to do a larger clean. Build up of dust and grime can be hard to clean if left unattended for too long.

Clean dirty dishes: Using your dishwasher not only saves you time and energy, but it also saves water! Don’t worry about pre-rinsing, many dishwashers and detergent these days require no pre-rinsing at all!

Bathroom cleaning: Keeping a cleaning caddy with the basics in your bathroom will make your daily bathroom wipe down that much quicker!

Tips for Cleaning Every Week

Tackle one room or job each day so you’re not doing everything all at once. For example, devote Monday to cleaning the kitchen, vacuum on Tuesday, make Wednesday the day for changing sheets, and so on.

Clean inside of microwave: Heat a microwave-safe bowl filled with 1 cup of water and several tablespoons of vinegar on high power for 2-5 minutes (or until the window is steamy). Leave for 5 minutes to cool and break down any grime before wiping down with a sponge or cloth.

Sanitise sponges: A great way to clean your sponges is to throw them in the washing machine on the hot cycle. Little to no effort on your behalf and fresh clean sponges ready for another week.

Don’t forget you always have your local Jim’s Cleaning expert to call on if life is getting a little too busy or you’re needing that extra helping hand!

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