Chat with your local expert: Jim’s Carpet Cleaning

Chat with your local expert: Jim's Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what our carpet cleaning experts wish you knew? What services they love providing you and what products they recommend? We sat down with Lance who is the local carpet cleaning expert for Jerrabomberra to pick their brains on the questions you would like to know!

What would you say is your most popular service?

Steam cleaning of carpets far outweighs the other services provided, however, upholstery couches and dining room chairs continue to increase in popularity, particularly with COVID and families spending more time at home.

What do you wish your customers knew before a service?

I wish they knew how dirty and unhygienic their carpets and upholstery were well before they call us. It’s always interesting to show our customers the colour of the water after we have finished a job. The shock most customers receive is often enough for them to book another service in 3-12 months!

What are your 3 go-to products and why?

  • Up and Out
    – I use this to pre-spray before anything else!
  • Allround
    – This is an encapsulation carpet shampoo, perfect for dry cleaning and doubles as a spot cleaner.
  • Conqour o2
    – This is an amazing carpet and upholstery spot cleaner that utilises the power of oxygen. It is always handy at every job I go to. 

What is the best tip you would give to your customers?

Get your carpets cleaned at least once every 12 months. The amount of dirt, food and bacteria that grow in carpet can be really damaging to your health.

You can follow Lance on Facebook for more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our services as well as some great tips to keep your carpet clean in-between visits! Jim’s Carpet Cleaning Jerrabomberra Facebook

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