Ali Olmez, CEO

Ali Olmez, COO

Ali Olmez

Ali Olmez joined Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, a division of Jim’s Cleaning Group in May 2007. Using his marketing skills, Ali has experienced substantial growth with leads by 150% within the first 3 months.

Within a year, Ali Olmez purchased South East Melbourne, Geelong and Regional Victoria and thus became the franchisor for the whole state.

From 4 franchisees in October 2007, Ali increased this amount to 27 and became the largest carpet cleaning company in Victoria.

After so much success with Jim’s Carpet Cleaning Ali decided to challenge himself further by selling his successful Carpet Cleaning Master Franchise and investing into the Divisional rights for Jim’s Car Detailing Australia and New Zealand. Ali took over the Car Detailing Division in 2009 which was only in 3 states with 11 franchisees at the time and has expanded it into every state in Australia & New Zealand with over 90 franchisees. Jim’s Car Detailing is currently in every state in Australia & New Zealand with over 90 franchisees.

Ali was appointed as the CEO of Jim’s Cleaning Group in 2012. Ali is known for his commitment in coaching and development of Master Franchises. Ali also runs the induction training for new franchisees making sure he meets every single franchisee and shares his experiences with the team.  

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