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Are you an Entreprenuer with a ‘Think Big’ mindset? Do you want more from a business than just a job? Do you want to join the largest home service franchise system in the world to grow a business? A Master Franchise is a rewarding business option for those seeking:

  • A more leveraged Income
  • Larger income streams
  • A flexible lifestyle and business along with financial success.

What is involved for a Master Franchisor?

  • Recruitment of new franchisees
  • Setting up and arranging training of new franchisees
  • Working with franchisees to help achieve their business and lifestyle goals
  • Conduct regular meetings
  • Overseeing of advertising and marketing within your region
  • Working with other franchisors on joint campaigns, training sessions etc.
  • Maintain and grow your business, and the Jim’s name, in your area
  • Run your own franchise for additional income and experience if you choose to do so

Become A Jim's Franchisor


How does a Master Franchisor create income?

1) Sale of new & existing franchises.
2) Monthly franchisee fee: Receive ongoing fees from all of your franchisees.
3) Run your own Cleaning Franchise: A franchisor may grant them self a franchise to establish their own business.

Who is it suited to?

Jim’s Franchisors come from all walks of life. A background in the industry is not required, and complete practical training on the field work is provided, if you plan to go on the road. Regional Franchisors do need to have excellent communication skills and a genuine commitment to quality customer service and to helping others succeed. They must be able to work well with others, and to lead a group both by direction and example. The franchisors role offers some great lifestyle benefits with several income streams, and we encourage family businesses where all members are involved in some way.

Anyone with fair business skills and the motivation to build their business should be suitable as a regional franchisor. The role is best suited to those people wanting a little bit more than your average franchise business, and at the end of the day, success of the business and the growth of your investment depends largely on you. The initial training is in part an assessment process as we will ensure we are confident in your success before accepting you, as by taking only the best we can continue to attract the same.

Existing Master Franchise Regions Available

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