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House Cleaning in Sydney

House Cleaning Sydney

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Need House Cleaners in Sydney ?

Let Jim’s Cleaning give you your weekends back with our fully Trained, Insured and Police Checked franchisees. Your local Sydney cleaner offers personalised service, with all the support and security of a National office, and team of more than 800 specialist cleaning franchisees.

Sydney House Cleaning Services

Jim’s Cleaning are you local cleaning experts who are dedicated to providing excellent cleaning and exceptional customer service – first time every time!

Our  experienced and professional cleaners service residential properties offering: Regular & Occasional Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning, Apartment Cleaning, Builder’s Cleans, Vacate & Exit Cleaning, Moving In Cleans, Oven Cleaning & Fridge Cleaning.

We can tailor a house cleaning package to suit any requirements.

House Cleaning CostsHome Cleaning Services

Whatever level of house cleaning assistance you need; Jim’s Cleaning will provide a competitive quote, in writing, before any cleaning commences, so you are assured that you know the price of house cleaning services in Sydney beforehand. No nasty surprises.  Please note: we usually require to view the property first to be able to provide an accurate cleaning quote.

The Jim’s Cleaning Group is proud to support NDIS participants both self and plan managed with growing nation wide coverage for all our domestic cleaning services.

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Sydney House Cleaning

How many people will come to clean my house?

At Jim’s Cleaning Group, we typically send one to four cleaners to your Sydney home, this will vary based on the services required and the size of your home. For example, if you require both interior and exterior cleaning, we may send four cleaners—two people to handle the inside of your house, while the other two clean the exterior.

How much is a House Cleaner in Sydney?

When it comes to pricing for our Sydney domestic cleaning services depends upon multiple factors, so it largely depends on how large your home is and the specific cleaning services you require.

At Jim’s Cleaning Group, our prices for our Sydney House Cleaning service vary depending on your house. We offer a $99 fast home cleaning special, which provides a basic cleaning for a low fixed rate.

We generally use a three-bedroom, single-story house as the baseline, so larger homes may incur an additional surcharge.

The $99 price tag comes with our multi-pronged approach to restoring your home’s lustre and sheen. We vacuum the entire house before dusting every surface and mopping all tiled areas. Our cleaners also take care to sanitise the bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen.

Residential House Cleaning typically does not require specialised equipment, which makes it more affordable than commercial cleaning. We provide quotes upfront, so you will know how much your cleaning will cost before you decide if our services are right for you.

What is domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning refers to any cleaning services that take place in residential space and also covers a range of household chores from sweeping floors to surface cleaning.

At Jim’s Cleaning Group, you can select from a list of residential cleaning options. Check the boxes that apply and fill out your contact information, and we’ll send you a free quote.

We also offer specialised House Cleaning Sydney services – for example, if your barbeque borders on unusable, our cleaning team can restore it to a like-new condition. The same goes for specialised disinfects, oven cleaning, and providing cleaning to NDIS participants.

Domestic cleaning differs from commercial cleaning by focusing instead on homes and residential spaces. In contrast, commercial cleaning is reserved for businesses and organisations such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Each type of cleaning comes with its own set of health and safety regulations.

For example, public buildings are required to follow Work Health and Safety (WHS) legal requirements and failing to comply may result in a warning or fine, meanwhile, domestic cleaning has no formal legal standards and is approved by you, the Sydney homeowner.

Cleaning a residential space also tends to be simpler than handling an office building or another commercial property as domestic cleaning jobs usually don’t require a need for industrial-grade vacuums or floor polishers.

How long will it take to clean my house?

Our team of cleaners spend approximately 1 to 1.5 hours cleaning 100 square metres of a home. A house triple that size may require three to five hours, and so on. We always strive to uphold the highest standards in cleanliness, therefore, it may take longer for our cleaners to clean if you have a larger property.

Cleaning service speeds also vary depending upon the specific rooms within a house. For instance, the bathroom and kitchen require more attention than other, low-traffic areas.

At Jim’s Cleaning Group, we pride ourselves on our Sydney House Cleaning service that matches efficiency with effectiveness. That means paying attention to details that competing cleaners do not – our meticulous approach comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

To find out how long it should take to clean your house, give us a call at 131 546 or visit our online booking system. We’ll provide a time estimate and quote at no charge and schedule a booking that works around your schedule.

What are the overall costs to clean my house?

The true but elusive answer is that there are no fixed costs for House Cleaning in Sydney (the exception to the rule is our $99 fast cleaning service). The two most significant price factors are (1) the services you request, and (2) your home’s size and room configuration.

As a rule of thumb, homes with a single bed and bathroom are the cheapest because they have the least space. A three-bed and one-bathroom house costs roughly twice as much to clean, while with a four-bed or three-bathroom house costs triple. The relative prices apply whether you want a standard or deep clean.

Standard cleaning involves general maintenance to improve a home’s cleanliness. We focus on resolving cosmetic issues, such as dirty toilets, dusty shelves, and unwanted debris. These tasks typically do not require specialised tools or skills to complete.

Deep cleaning involves getting rid of problematic dirt and grime, especially in hard-to-reach places. Our deep cleaning services can remove scale and soap scum from bathtubs and power wash stains from your home’s exterior. We traditionally do not include these services in our basic package.

Contact our customer service team at 131 546 to determine the overall cost of cleaning. We’ll provide a free estimate, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise charges at the end. You can also get a free quote when you book our domestic cleaning online.

Are your cleaners insured?

Our cleaning team comes with full insurance and police checks. We strive to create a hospitable environment where you feel safe and secure. That means taking on the responsibility for an unintentional injury or property damage.

We carry workers’ compensation insurance in case of injury while cleaning. The insurance covers medical bills and compensates the cleaner for lost wages. Worker’s compensation also protects against unforeseen illness while keeping us compliant with government regulations.

General liability insurance covers any material damage. For instance, if one of our cleaners accidentally cracks a mirror in your bathroom, we’ll file a claim. The insurance provider reviews the request before paying to repair the damage. Therefore, you would pay nothing out of pocket.

The insurance policy covers acts related to negligence. Negligence occurs when one party fails to exercise caution or care while performing a task, resulting in carelessness leading to an accident. Policies include four different coverages, including bodily injury and property damage, personal injury, tenant’s legal liability, and medical payments.

Tenant’s legal liability is the most important for Sydney homeowners because it protects you and your property. The coverage reimburses damage at your home, as opposed to damage after the fact. General liability does have some exceptions, including accidents related to intentional damage, auto insurance, and workmanship.

At Jim’s Cleaning Group, we stand by the calibre of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, get in touch with us, and we’ll work to make it right. In the unlikely event that you still aren’t satisfied after the second pass, we’ll hire an independent third party to evaluate the claims and fix the problems within 30 days.

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