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Concrete Cleaning Services

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Jim's Concrete Cleaning

Unsealed concrete might look tough, but it is actually a very porous material making it prone to staining from oils, grease, grime, chewing gum, chemical spills, tyre marks and mould.

The porous surface of concrete makes it near impossible to clean without the proper equipment. Cleaning Concrete can one of the hardest DIY jobs you’ll fine around your property.

All of our Jim’s Pressure cleaners will arrive at your property fitted with professional equipment which can clean through the toughest stains on your driveway, factory floor or building with ease.

The use of high pressure hot water in our cleaning process removes the need for chemicals and in most cases we can fully remove all traces of grease, oil and graffiti. In the case we need an extra strong clean, we use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that give the stains an extra kick.

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Your Local Experts

A call to Jim’s Professional Concrete Cleaning specialists will restore the concrete areas at your home or office. With the use of our teams top of the range equipment to effectively remove the build up of dirt, grime, mould and oil stains from concrete surfaces, there’s no job too big or small for our Concrete Cleaning team!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your home and office is your pride and joy, that’s why every job comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the job we will come back and clean it until you are happy, at no extra cost – we are not happy unless you are happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on where the concrete is you wish to have cleaned will depend on what you book. We have options on our booking form for driveway and  graffiti however, if your clean does not fit this criteria then you can book a ‘general pressure clean’ and let your franchisee know what you need done when they call you to arrange a quote!

All Jim’s franchisees work on quote ‘per job’ rather than per hour. This is so you know exactly how much you will pay for the entire job to be completed rather than a quote per hour, removing any chance of nasty surprises when the invoice comes in.

Your local pressure cleaning expert can clean your property’s exterior  areas to ensure they are looking as good as new as well as clean your home or offices windows, inside and out!