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Why Jim’s Window Cleaning?


Jim’s Professional Window Cleaners

Boost the appearance of your home or business, inside and out! Windows that are cleaned professionally look fantastic and puts the finishing touch on your home or business. You will definitely appreciate having a window cleaning service.

The Jim’s Window Cleaning team are experienced cleaners who take great pride in getting you the best possible results. Our professional services include:

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Internal & External
  • Builders
  • Screens & Tracks
  • Double Storey
  • High Rise Buildings

Windows are one of the first things you see when you approach a building, but they’re not something that is regularly cleaned. The job can often seem daunting, especially if you have a two-storey house or a business with multiple large windows. But whether you have a home or office, cleanliness is important, and professional window cleaning can help make your glass shine.

There can be lots of reasons for cleaning your windows. You may want a full spring clean, with carpets and oven included, or if your lease is finished, you might need to do vacate cleaning. Either way, thoroughly clean windows can be the finishing touch that makes your house feel truly spotless. Jim’s window cleaners are professionally trained and available Australia-wide for residential window cleaning, so you can enjoy clean glass no matter which part of the country you’re located in.

Why Are Clean Windows So Important?

Clean windows are about more than just looks. Over time, glass can become dull due to oxidation, dust and hard minerals, making your home or office appear dark. In addition, the dirt, dust and grime that can build up on glass may contain allergens. Cleaning your windows regularly gets rid of this buildup, helping to keep you healthy. Jim’s window cleaning services can also clean screens and tracks, getting rid of any built-up dirt and keeping your windows’ parts moving smoothly.

Residential window cleaning not only makes the outside of your house look better, it can also improve indoor living spaces. Clean windows let in more natural light and make rooms look bigger and more appealing. As a bonus, spotless glass lets you appreciate your view of Australia, whether you overlook the beach, the bush, or just the kookaburra sitting in your gum tree.

For business owners, commercial window cleaning can bring many benefits to an enterprise. If you own a retail space, clean windows allow people walking past to see what you offer, encouraging that foot traffic to walk in the door. In offices, large, clean windows can actually improve the health and sleep of workers, with one study finding that more exposure to sunlight during the day, even through windows, improves sleep at night.

Why Use a Professional Window Cleaner?

Cleaning windows can be a big job. Most homes and businesses have a lot of windows, and they can be hard to reach. It may be difficult for you to clean the top of floor-to-ceiling glass, or you may not be comfortable climbing a ladder to clean windows on a second floor. This is one reason why window cleaning is often put at the bottom of the weekend’s task list. Booking a professional means that the job will get done.

It’s especially important to not leave streaks on the glass when you need customers to be drawn to a window display. It’s equally important to get rid of all the grime when your home is on the market. A professional window cleaner is experienced at cleaning in the hard-to-reach places, which means you’ll be satisfied once the job is done.

Finally, professional domestic window cleaners bring their own equipment, so you don’t need to go to the hardware store for squeegees and lint-free towels that rarely get used for other chores. For Jim’s window cleaners, squeegees and cleaning solutions are the tools of their trade, so you can be certain they’re using the best. Plus, they have the equipment to ensure all the cleaning is completed safely.

Jim’s Window Cleaning Difference

If you’re thinking, “it’s time to find a window cleaner near me,” start your search with Jim’s. All Jim’s window cleaners are fully-trained small business owners, so they’re working directly for you to get the best possible results. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and supply all the cleaning equipment and products. Every cleaner is police checked and insured before they start cleaning for your peace of mind. Window cleaning prices differ greatly depending on the size and difficulty of the job, but Jim’s window cleaners can talk you through the process and give you a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thing to clean windows with?

Each window cleaner has their favourite solution for cleaning windows. Commercial window cleaning products can do a good job, while a mix of water and white vinegar is a long time favourite of homeowners and professionals alike. A small amount of dishwashing liquid added to a bucket of water can help remove grease and grime. For great results, try mixing the water, vinegar and dishwashing detergent together to add extra sparkle. Just be sure to rinse well afterwards.

How do you get streak-free windows?

The best way to remove streaks from a window is with a squeegee. Make sure the rubber blade is in good condition. Professional window cleaners change their blades regularly to ensure a streak-free finish. Work from the top down, in either a horizontal or vertical stroke. After squeegeeing, any leftover streaks can be removed with a lint-free towel or a chamois cloth, although newspaper or clean paper towels can work in a pinch. Particularly dirty windows may need two rounds of cleaning. For best results, work on a cool, cloudy day so the soapy water doesn’t dry before it’s wiped off.

Are our window cleaners licensed?

Window cleaners in Australia don’t need a special license to clean windows; however, all our window cleaners are fully-trained and run licensed businesses. More importantly, each one is fully insured and police checked, so you can feel secure when you invite them into your home. Best of all, Jim’s Window Cleaning has a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your window cleaning experience, we’ll clean the windows again at no cost.

Do we offer residential window cleaning?

Yes, Jim’s Window Cleaning cleans residential windows. We can clean the inside and outside of windows in both single and double-storey homes. The service is perfect for a regular spring clean as you get your house ready for summer or for a vacate clean to help you get your bond back. For an extra-special touch, think about getting your blinds cleaned as well.

Do we offer commercial window cleaning?

Window cleaning is important to businesses, as a well-presented building is appealing to customers. Jim’s Cleaning can clean commercial premises, whether that’s small shops or high-rise office buildings. Jim’s can also provide window cleaning for builders who are preparing to hand keys to new owners.

Fill in the form to arrange a free quote today or talk to our Jim’s Window Cleaning team on 131 546 about your window cleaning needs.