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There is no better time to keep things clean! That’s why we have introduced new disinfecting services
to our Cleaning & Car Detailing divisions – Let us take care of the small stuff so you can keep on top of the big stuff!

Carpet Cleaning

Want your carpets smelling fresh as a daisy? Jim’s Carpet Cleaning will have them looking like new in no time! Call us today for a free quote on 131 546 or book online.

Jim’s Carpet Cleaning offer a range of domestic and commercial carpet cleaning packages that are  available all around Australia. Customer satisfaction is very important to Jim’s Carpet Cleaning. We are dedicated to providing excellent carpet cleaning services and exceptional customer service – 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our experienced carpet cleaners are fully qualified, have $10 million Public Liability Insurance and have current police checked accreditation’s so that you can have peace of mind leaving your home or business in our capable and trusted hands.

Jim’s Carpet Cleaning – A Name You Can Trust!

The Jim’s Carpet Cleaning team will have your carpets looking and smelling like new again! Call us on 131 546 or book online!

Jim’s Professional Carpet Cleaners Jim’s Carpet Cleaning offers an expert service to help look after your precious floor coverings and more. We specialise in cleaning commercial and domestic carpets as well as upholstery, curtains, mattresses and tiles. Our carpet cleaning services are carried out by professionals who are fully trained and very reliable. As professional carpet cleaners we understand the value […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Tile & Grout Cleaners   Tiles can add style and sophistication to your home or business but keeping tile, stone, and grout clean can be hard work. You could spend hours scrubbing away trying to get dirt, grime and stains out of the stone and tile surfaces. Porous grout, […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Carpet Steam Cleaners The Jim’s Carpet Steam Cleaning team can improve the feel, smell and appearance of your carpets. Carpet steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, gives an all over deep clean. This method is ideal for extracting dirt deep down within the carpet fibres. The Jim’s […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Upholstery Cleaning The Jim’s Professional Upholstery Cleaning team understand upholstery fabrics and can effectively clean sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and more. Daily use and ongoing wear can cause a film of dirt and grime to settle on and in your materials. Our qualified cleaners will leave your upholstery refreshed […]

Jim’s Professional Carpet Dry Cleaners Jim’s Carpet Cleaning offers the option of a dry clean for people who might be short on time. Carpet dry cleaning is when the cleaning process uses very low or minimal moisture. Special treatments and cleaning agents are still used on the carpet but the process is not as damp as the widely […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Rug Cleaners The Jim’s Rug Cleaning team can improve the feel, smell and appearance of your rugs. Using dry clean and steam cleaning techniques, our qualified franchisees will leave your rugs refreshed. With top of the line machinery, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. The Jim’s […]

Registered NDIS Service Providers

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Registered NDIS Carpet Cleaning Providers Jim’s Carpet Cleaning is proud to support NDIS participants, both Self and Plan Managed with growing nationwide coverage, for all carpet cleaning services. Our qualified teams are able to provide an initial deep clean of all carpeted areas in your home to leave it sanitised and […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Leather Cleaning &  Leather Protection   Does your leather furniture look a little worse for ware? Jim’s fully trained leather cleaners use the best products and techniques when cleaning. You will be amazed at what our Leather Cleaning specialists can achieve for you.   You buy leather furniture to […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Duct Cleaning Services Call Jim’s Professional Duct Cleaning team to rid your duct work of dust, dirt and allergens. Our team use specialised brushes to dislodge dirt, then block off all of the ducts as they thoroughly vacuum the insides. Your filter will also receive a thorough clean. The […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional High-Rise Carpet Cleaners The Jim’s Carpet Cleaning team can improve the feel, smell and appearance of your carpets. With a wide range of portable equipment available, we can perform carpet cleaning on any level for residential or business clients. The Jim’s Carpet Cleaning team are fully insured, police checked […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Mattress Cleaning Jim’s Professional Mattress Cleaning team know just how important regular mattress cleaning is for your family’s health. Dust mites, dead skin and sweat build up in your mattress, which can exacerbate allergies and even asthma. Our team will effectively clean and sanitise you mattress so you can […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Water Damage Restoration Services When disaster strikes, you need an immediate response. Leaving carpets and other areas to dry naturally after flooding is time consuming and potentially dangerous as mould and bacteria grow. We have expert technicians who will assess the damage and set up specialist drying equipment to restore […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Floor Stripping & Sealing Services Call the Jim’s Professional Floor Stripping and Sealing team restore your vinyl floors back to their former glory. Our safe and thorough cleaning methods along with our powerful equipment will give you the deepest clean. We use sealers, where applicable, ensuring your daily maintenance […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Jim’s Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners are equipped with top of the line equipment to complete all carpet cleaning jobs. Our team can help with regular, once off or end of lease carpet cleaning for your business or office. There is no job too big, or […]

Why Jim’s Carpet Cleaning? Jim’s Professional On-Site Drape Cleaning Call Jim’s Professional On-Site Drape Cleaners to thoroughly clean your curtains. Our qualified team can offer you the choice of steam cleaning or dry cleaning at your home. You needn’t worry about being without curtains for days, as we can clean your drapes while they are […]

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