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Jim's GroupThe first Jim’s Cleaning Franchisee was signed in September 1994, which was also our first Franchisee outside the Mowing Division. Jim’s Cleaning is still the largest Jim’s Division apart from Mowing, and the largest domestic cleaning business in Australia.

In recent years it has experienced rapid growth under the leadership of Haydar Hussein after many years of frustration I decided to hand the business to someone who had more experience in the field, when Haydar took over the Cleaning division we had just six Franchisees.

Haydar has developed this into 6 different divisions, Jim’s Cleaning, Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, Jim’s Window Cleaning, Jim’s Pressure Cleaning, Jim’s Car Cleaning and Jim’s Blinds now with 791  franchises. Haydar is an impressive business man as no other Franchisor has managed to develop their business quite as he has. With around 65,000 new clients booked every year. Demand for our services is such that more than 12,000 leads went unserviced in 2013 for lack of enough local franchisees. The market for cleaning is such that we could easily be ten times its current size.

Jim’s Cleaning Franchisees take pride in their standards of customer service. Registered complaints have fallen dramatically in recent times, to an average of only one per Franchisee per year. This is especially impressive when it is considered that Franchisees typically service a thousand or more jobs a year, and a complaint is registered even for being five minutes late returning a phone call.

Haydar’s careful selection system means that we choose only the best, the training and support systems work towards helping each Franchisee and Franchisor achieve the most they are capable of.

Jim Penman

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