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Jim’s Blinds are experts in all things blinds! Our experts repair blinds all over Australia, saving our customers from having to throw $100s or $1000s on new blinds. Regular blind maintenance and repairs increase the life span of your blinds and at the fraction of the price of new ones!

Jim’s Blind Repairs come to your home or office equipped with all the necessary equipment to fix a wide variety of blinds. Unlike other repair companies our experts also offer off site cleaning services to restore your blinds to a new like state.

Jim’s Professional Blind Repairs

The Jim’s Blind Repairs team are experienced professionals who take great pride in getting you the best possible results. 

We are confident and know we can supply, repair and clean the following types of blinds:

  • material and fabric blinds
  • casual romans
  • holland blinds
  • honeycomb & pleated blinds
  • vertical blinds
  • vertical sunscreens
  • plantation shutters
  • metal blinds
  • plastic blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • aluminium blinds
  • timber & wooden blinds
  • micro & slimline blinds
  • dual roller screens
  • roller screens
  • cellular blinds
  • sheerview blinds

Why Choose Jim’s Blinds?

All of our Jim’s blind repair franchisees have a minimum $10 million public and liability insurance policies and have current police check accreditation’s! This is because we believe that it is crucial for our valuable clients to feel assured leaving their homes and businesses in our trusted hands. Also, for extra protection, Jim’s Blinds have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all repair services!

All of our experts are fully trained and very reliable. To properly care for your home & office we use our own professional equipment and products. Jim’s Blinds offer a large range of cleaning, repairs and installation packages as well as our famous free, no-obligation quotes to give you accurate and affordable prices!

What if my curtains and blinds are beyond repair?

Depending on the age and condition of your blinds they are sometimes not worth repairing. In that case, our Blind experts will be able to arrange the purchase  installation of new blinds! Visit our blind sales page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our local experts can usually repair most blinds types as long as they have the spare parts for the specific blind. Please note that if your blinds are very old or imported our experts may not have the parts on hand. 

In most cases our experts can repair your blinds on the spot without having to leave you with no blinds. For more complicated repairs they might be taken away and usually returned within couple of days.

All our local franchisees charge per job not by the hour! Their charges are based on the parts used as well as the labour cost.

Each franchisee offers a warranty on all repairs they complete, not the whole blind. Our experts will also explain on how to correctly use your blinds to prolong their life.