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Call Jim’s Cleaning for home and office cleaning, domestic and commercial cleaning. From windows to blinds, from cars to kitchens, from carpets to driveways, from factory floors to office floors – Jim’s Cleaning does it all. Jim’s Cleaning is Australia’s leading home and commercial cleaning service with services available in every state and our reputation is top class.

We cater for both home and business owners and provide 6 specialist cleaning divisions to ensure that your home, car or commercial property is clean from top to bottom, inside and out.

Jim’s Cleaning is a national award winning company dedicated to cleaning Australian homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm to perform and complete the best job possible for you.

Haydar Hussein, Founder

Haydar Hussein

Haydar Hussein started his own cleaning company in 1994 – within six months it was running successfully…

Ali Olmez, COO

Ali Olmez

Ali Olmez joined Jim’s by purchasing Jim’s Carpet Cleaning, a division of Jim’s…

Jim's Group

The Jim’s Group

The first Jim’s Cleaning Franchisee was signed in September 1994, which was also our…

Jim's Cleaning Franchise


The Jim’s Cleaning Group

Our customers choose us because they know and trust the Jim’s Group brand – Australia’s most wide-reaching…

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