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 Professional Oven cleaning

Oven cleaning is often a task that gets put off due to its time consuming and difficult nature. Our Professional cleaning teams have over 20 years of industry knowledge and we have more trained professionals across Australia than any other company, you won’t find anyone more experience than us!

Why get your oven professionally cleaned?

Many households use their oven roughly 3 times a week and over a year that works out to be 156 times (on average). This results in a build up of oils, greases, food and burnt carbon that sticks to the inside of your oven – without regular cleaning these can be quite difficult to remove.

If you are one of the many Australians who clean their ovens 1-2 times a year you will greatly benefit in a professional oven clean. With professional grade cleaning equipment and chemicals your oven will look and work as good as new without you having to clean for hours – Yes oven cleaning take hours.

Benefits of a Jim’s professional oven clean:

  • Increases the life span of your oven
  • Reduces your household’s energy consumption as dirty ovens take longer to heat up
  • We have over 200 trained cleaners across Australia
  • When booked with a vacate, spring clean, commercial or house clean receive a great discount and save time!

Why Jim’s?

Our trained and professional cleaners are all small business owners, meaning they are working directly for you to achieve the highest possible results. All Jim’s  cleaners are fully insured, police checked and trained professionals to ensure you are 100% happy with the services completed.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteecleaning

Your oven is a vital part of your home, that’s why every job comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the job we have done, we will come back and clean it until you are happy, at no extra cost – we are not happy unless you are happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will give your oven a thorough clean but please note that whilst we are confident that your oven will be clean of grease, oils, and general surface grime. If your oven has not been cleaned regularly some stubborn and burnt-in marks may remain as it may cause damage to your oven’s surfaces to apply any vigorous scrubbing or harsh solutions on them. 

The length of time it takes us to clean an oven varies, but an average oven clean takes one to two hours. For deeply soiled ovens, there may be a wait time of up to 60 minutes while the cleaning solution does its job. We recommend getting other house cleaning services, such as kitchen or bathroom cleaning or whole-home cleaning, in addition to our oven cleaning service. You can earn a discount by bundling services, and we can complete other cleaning tasks while waiting for the oven cleaning solution to work its magic. Depending on how often you use your oven and what you use it for, you may want to schedule professional oven cleaning twice a year.

When you request oven cleaning service, one of our local cleaning experts comes to your home to assess your oven before giving you a quote. Our quotes are based on the individual job, so prices vary depending on the size and condition of your oven and the time required to get it thoroughly clean. When you book an oven cleaning with a spring cleaning, vacate, commercial or house cleaning, you can receive a discount and save time.

All of our cleaners are fully insured and policed checked to ensure your peace of mind.

The best oven cleaners are affordable, safe and effectively remove oil, grease, burnt-on food and stains. There are tons of products on the market, but most of them contain caustic ingredients that can corrode oven components and harm human tissue. We recommend a 100% chemical-free solution like Jim’s Own Oven & Cooktop Cleaner, which breaks down fats, oils, grease and stains without harsh fumes. Derived from plants, this environmentally friendly, enzyme-based cleaner naturally lifts all types of soil from oven surfaces and can be safely discharged down the drain.

During a professional cleaning, we give every part of your oven a full, deep clean both inside and out. In between cleanings, you should always wipe down big spills as they occur once the oven is completely cooled down to prevent burns. For simple messes, spray the affected area with Jim’s Own Oven & Cooktop Cleaner, leave it on for five minutes then wipe it down with a clean cloth. For heavily soiled areas, leave the spray on for 30 to 60 minutes, then scrub the surface with a nonabrasive pad. Once the grease, oil, food or other matter has softened, wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Oven Cleaning Services

Hiring professional cleaners who provide oven cleaning service saves you from tackling a difficult, time-consuming task. Your oven is probably one of your home’s most frequently used kitchen appliances and the one most likely overlooked when it comes to cleaning. When you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing off built-up, burnt-on fat, oil, grease and food, Jim’s Cleaning crew is up to the challenge.

Why Choose Professional Oven Cleaning Service?

Most households use their oven roughly three times each week, which averages out to about 156 uses per year. Frequent use results in a buildup of oil, grease and burnt food and carbon that sticks to the inside of your oven. Without regular cleaning, this residue becomes tough to remove. If you’re like many Australians who only clean their ovens once or twice a year, this task is even more difficult. Trained oven cleaners use professional-grade cleaning equipment and chemicals to get your oven looking as good as new. Our professional oven cleaning service can be an add-on or stand-alone cleaning service, depending on your needs.

Why Choose Jim’s Cleaning?

At Jim’s Cleaning, our professional cleaning teams have more than 20 years of industry expertise. We also have more trained professionals Australia-wide than any other company, so you won’t find anyone more experienced. Our cleaners are all small business owners, which means they work directly for you to achieve the highest possible results. All cleaners are also fully insured and police-checked for peace of mind that your property is in trustworthy hands.

We understand the value of your oven and believe in providing a thorough clean to help protect your investment and keep your appliance looking and working its best. Our professional oven cleaning service can:

  • Increase the life span of your oven
  • Reduce your household’s energy consumption, since dirty ovens take longer to heat up
  • Remove dirt and grease blocking filters and mechanisms so your oven works efficiently
  • Reduce the risk of food being contaminated by old, burnt-on grime
  • Decrease the likelihood of grease fires and oven damage from igniting grease spills
  • Prevent spills from smouldering and causing fumes and smoke that irritate the eyes and lungs
  • Improve the flavour of oven-cooked foods by eliminating smoke that may taint dishes with an unpleasant taste
  • Prevent germs from breeding in the built-up grime inside your oven

Schedule Professional Oven Cleaning Service

Your oven is a vital home appliance, so don’t trust its care to just anyone. Jim’s Cleaning is a trusted name throughout Australia with over 200 trained cleaners specialising in all aspects of home and commercial cleaning. We’re a multi-award-winning franchise cleaning business with fully insured teams covered by up to $10 million in public liability insurance. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because we’re not happy unless you are. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of the job we’ve done, we come back and clean it again, at no extra cost.

Book service online, request a free quote or call us today on 131 546 for more information about our professional oven cleaning or any of the other cleaning services we provide.